Ms. Alka Pandey

Ms Alka Pandey has been associated with Saajhi Duniya from 2006.

Mr. Kuldeep Singh Chauhan

Kuldeep Singh Chauhan has been associated with Saajhi Duniya…

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqui

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqui, eminent urdu short stories writer,

Ms. Shehla Ghanim

Ms. Shehla Ghanim is a lover of literature and culture. She has joined various fora related to Urdu language, social service

Mr. Shavez Waris

Shavez Waris has done B.Tech in Information Technology. He has been associated with Saajhi Duniya from March 2014.

Ms. Tasneem Fatima

Tasneem Fatima has done her Post-Graduation with Sociology. She has been associated with Saajhi Duniya since 2007.

Ms. Tazeen Fatima

Tazeen Fatima did her Post-Graduation in Modern History and English Literature. She taught middle school children for 10 years.

Dr. Ankita Mishra

Dr. Ankita Mishra has been associated with Saajhi Duniya since 2006. A Doctorate in Women’s Studies, she holds a diploma in

Professor Roop Rekha Verma

Professor  Roop Rekha Verma taught philosophy in the University of Lucknow for 39 years, having broken past academic

Ms. Mina Kala

After finishing her Masters course , Mina Kala, 62,  worked  at the  State bank of India for five years She resigned and took

Dr. Sabiha Anwar

Dr. Sabiha Anwar is a known Urdu writer and educationist. She has served as the Principal of Karamat Husain Muslim Girls

Mr. A. Salam Siddiqui

Mr. A. Salam Siddiqui has been the Principal of Mumtaz Inter College. He is a known educationist and writer.A lover of literature,