Genesis of Saajhi Duniya

Saajhi Duniya is the result of a social activity that started in the 1980s with the passionate work of an individual in the streets and lanes of Lucknow, India, in the midst of a serious threat to inter-faith peace in the community. Gender issue soon emerged as a crucial item along with plurality and shared heritage.

Gradually, a group of concerned citizens joined the campaign and after a few years the group was given an organizational structure and was named as Nagarik-Dharm Samaj. It was later renamed as Saajhi Duniya.

In 2004, Saajhi Duniya was formally registered in India as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) under The Societies Registration Act. Soon after, it obtained approvals under Sections 12A (NGO exempted from income tax), 80G (NGO Donors can claim partial Income Tax exemption) and FCRA (NGO is permitted to receive foreign funds). Please note that Section 80G is applicable only to citizens of India.

In compliance with Governmental regulations, Saajhi Duniya’s financial accounts are audited annually by a duly registered auditor and the auditor’s report is sent to FCRA section of Home Ministry of India, Income Tax Department & Societies Registration Office.

The focus areas of Saajhi Duniya remain (i) gender equality and (ii) cultural-religious plurality & harmony, although other issues of human rights are taken up depending upon the need of the time.

Saajhi Duniya has adopted following policies and strictly adheres to them:

  1. Ethical Policy
  2. Policy regarding action on sexual harassment at workplace