Ms. Mina Kala


After finishing her Masters course , Mina Kala, 62,  worked  at the  State bank of India for five years She resigned and took up teaching in a Post Graduate Women’s College in Kanpur. Thereafter , for over twenty five years, she taught Economics at Lucknow at the undergraduate level. A debating and  quiz enthusiast ,her fields of interest  focus on women’s issues ,  especially on matters of their emancipation, empowerment and  the need to change the attitude of  society towards  them. She is also passionate about addressing all types of   divisive forces-religious, racial or casteist. She believes that the single inviolate, over-arching idea that is intrinsic to India is its plural nature .To her this means that the rights of any minority (religious,ethnic,caste based or linguistic) need to be safeguarded. Not only this, she has always believed that it is the duty of the majority to live their lives such that the interests of the minority are always protected. So no gesture is too small ; no effort goes unrecorded as an example to others. She is associated with   Saajhi Duniya since it started in a small room long ago.

Team Information

 Junior Vice President
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