Ms Julie Khanna

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Ms. Julie Khanna is an accomplished professional with a strong background in sociology and women’s studies. She holds an MPhil in Sociology from Lucknow University and completed her Postgraduate studies in Women’s Studies from the same institution in 2001. With approximately 15 years of experience in the field of social activities, Ms. Khanna has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to addressing critical social issues.

As one of the founding members of “Saajhi Duniya,” an NGO dedicated to gender equality, cultural-religious plurality, and harmony, Ms. Khanna has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality and addressing a range of human rights concerns. Saajhi Duniya’s work also extends to other human rights issues, flexibly responding to the evolving needs of the time.

Ms. Khanna’s journey into social activism began during her women’s studies, where she actively engaged in projects related to gender issues. Her academic background laid the foundation for her subsequent impactful career in the field.

As an educator, Ms. Khanna contributed her knowledge and insights as a guest lecturer and faculty member at both Lucknow University (two years) and Rohilkhand University (one year). This experience allowed her to share her expertise with students and foster a deeper understanding of societal challenges.

Ms. Khanna’s professional journey began with “Sahyog,” an organization actively addressing various social issues. Her role within Sahyog encompassed vital responsibilities, including documentation, report drafting for studies, media scanning, and casework related to violence against women. Her dedication and thorough approach ensured the successful execution of these critical tasks.

In 2004, Ms. Khanna joined “Saajhi Duniya,” where she took on roles as a researcher and program implementer in diverse projects. These projects were funded by organizations like Rosa Luxembourg, covering important themes such as ‘Women and Media in the Context of Globalization,’ ‘Fundamentalism and Women,’ and ‘Accessibility of Women to Justice.’ Notably, she also assumed the additional responsibility of managing the accounts of these projects, consistently meeting the expectations of funders.

Ms. Khanna’s contributions to “Saajhi Duniya” extended beyond project-related work. She actively participated in advocacy initiatives, awareness campaigns, and the handling of cases involving women who are victims of violence. Her involvement in campaigns aimed at building communal harmony further underscores her commitment to social change. She also facilitated the organization’s educational efforts by organizing lectures, workshops, and seminars.

Ms. Khanna’s impressive academic background, extensive experience, and proactive engagement in various social activities position her as a strong advocate for gender equality and human rights. She is well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in any role she undertakes in the area of social activism.

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